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I'm a UK-born photographer based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. My photographic specialities are Light Painting, Urbex, Cityscape, and Portraits. I purchased my first digital camera in London, UK, in 2001. Just months later, my unique photographic style resulted in me being asked to photograph dance music events by a leading dance music scene website. I spent many years dabbling in Travel and Cityscape photography, which resulted in photos being published in National Geographic Traveler, and Kris Flyer magazines. I became interested in Urbex photography in 2014, which opened my eyes to the many possibilities of illuminating interesting spaces. This broadened my interest in Light Painting, as well as the lighting equipment required to create Light Art. I regularly write buying guides and reviews for flashlights/torches and light painting tools. My Light Painting Photography has evolved to include anything from intricate light drawing, to subtle forest lighting, eye catching portraits, and beautiful illumination of underground locations. I have been commissioned for multiple light painting portraits, architectural, and real estate photography projects.


If you are interested in working with me for a professional project, photography workshop, portrait session, or to purchase prints, please go to the contact page.

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