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Light Painting Tools Buying Guide 2023

Updated: Apr 9

I've often been asked to write an article with a list of light painting tool manufacturers, so here it is. This article contains information and links to a wide range of companies from around the world that manufacture tools for light painting photographers. Whilst I have listed the country of origin for each company, most ship worldwide. If you are aware of a company that you would like to see added to this list, then please contact me. If you want more information on the best torches/flashlights or other light sources for light painting, then check out my flashlight buying guide.

Light Painting Brushes (USA)

One of the original and most well known light painting systems created by Jason D Page. Light Painting Brushes produce an extensive range of light painting tools including plexiglass blades, fiber optic brushes, light swords, light writers, light pens, and glitter sticks. These tools connect to torches/flashlights via the Universal Connector.

Light Painting Brushes (Worldwide) website.

Rigu - UK distributors website.

Lumipop - French distributors website.

Light painting with Light Painting Brushes tools.
Light painting with Light Painting Brushes tools.

Ants On A Melon (USA)

Ants On A Melon (AOAM) burst back into the light painting scene in 2022 with the best RGB flashlight on the market, the RGB Critter 2.0. AOAM have created a massive range of light painting tools that connect to the RGB Critter, including the Sol Saber, Lumi Saber, BitWhip, Jupiter Rope, Fiber Optic Dusters, Orb Tool, and Illuminator. AOAM products are also very popular in the flow arts and EDM scene.

AOAM website. 5% off with code: "KNIGHT".

Light painting with AOAM tools.
Light painting with AOAM tools.

Light Painting Tubes / The Light-Painting Store (Canada)

Light Painting Tubes was created by tube light painting aficionado Eric Pare. The company sells an extensive range of T8 tubes, Holosquares, and lots of accessories. Other products include the Needle Light and Light Painting Whips which are compatible with connectors from Light Painting Brushes and Liteblades.

Light Painting Tubes website.

Luminosify (UK)

Luminosify was founded in 2021, and sell a wide range of different T8 tubes, known as "Choobs", between 40cm and 1m in length. The unique Tri-Colour Evolved Choobs are proving to be very popular with light painters.

Luminosify website.

Light painting with a Luminosify Choob.
Light painting with a Luminosify Choob.

Liteblades (Canada)

Liteblades was originally created in 2013 by light painting pioneer Patrick Rochon, with the store now run by Eric Pare. Liteblades produce the KYO Blade and KYO Tube connectors which connects various Klarus XT11 series flashlights to a wide range of light blades and other tools respectively. The KYO Blade allows two light blades to be inserted for some cool mid-air effects.

Liteblades website.

Lumenman (Germany)

Lumenman tools are created by photographer Bernhard Rauscher. Lumenman sells a range of light blades, V25 light rod, and the unique Spira tool, which connect to torches via the Lumenman connector.

Lumenman website.

Light painting with Lumenman tools.
Light painting with the Lumenman Spira.

Light Painting King (Germany)

Light Painting King sell a range of T8 tubes and light blades, as well as torch specific adapters. They are also the German distributor of the excellent LightPainter - Ryu's Lightworks torch.

Light Painting King website. (Germany) sell a range of light painting blades, adapters, specialist torches, and remote switches for torches. website

Threeworlds (Australia).

Threeworlds is a "music, movement, and meditation" company based on the Gold Coast in Australia. They sell the RGB Concentrate C5, glow staffs, poi products, and lots of musical instruments.

Threeworlds website.

Light painting with the Threeworlds Concentrate C5
Light painting with the Threeworlds Concentrate C5

Light Painting AU (Australia)

A newcomer in the light painting tool scene, and possibly the only 'not for profit' light painting tool manufacturer. Light Painting AU sell some very large light blades that are compatible with the KYO or Universal Connector.

Light Painting Au website.

Carles Domenech (Spain)

Carles Domenech sells an wide range of unique light painting tools, and the Degradeitor light bar.

Carles Domenech website.

Fiberflies (USA)

Flow arts manufacturer, and creator of the Pixelwhip 4. Sold by other re-sellers in some markets.

Fiberflies website.


Flow arts manufacturer, and creator of the Space Whip Remix, Cosmic Cable, and Hypno Levitation Wand.

GloFX website.

Lighttoys (Czech Republic)

Pyroterra Lighttoys are a high end, flow arts manufacturer of the Visual Poi, Visual Wand, Visual Hoop, and LED Buugeng.

Lighttoys website.

Moodhoops (USA)

Flow arts manufacturer with a wide range of products including LED Hoops, Future Poi, and Future Staff.

Moodhoops website.

Fotorgear (China)

Fotorgear are best known for the Magilight light painting stick, however they also produce the Lithub and a small range of light blades, and fiber optic brushes.

Fotorgear website.

Ignis Shop (Czech Republic)

Ignis produce a wide range of flow arts tools including colour changing pois, hula hoops, sticks, staffs, and a colour changing RGB torch for light painting.

Ignis Shop website


DARIUSTWIN, AKA light drawing stop motion expert Darren Pearson, sells the Night-Writer light pen, and Egg Light.


L.A.C.E. (UK)

L.A.C.E. sells a 3D printed Backlight Scanner, with custom sized connector for your choice of torch/flashlight. Contact via social media.

Lace Light Photos Instagram.

Light painting with the L.A.C.E. Backlight Scanner.
Light painting with the L.A.C.E. Backlight Scanner.

DKL Pro Tools (Spain)

Children of Dark Light produce the Scanner DKL Pro tool for light calligraphy and illumination. Contact via social media.

DKL Pro Tools Instagram.

Lume Tools (Spain)

Lume Tools sells a calligraphy Light Bar and Backlight Scanner. Contact via social media.

Lume Tools Instagram.

Light painting with the Light Bar from Lume Tools.
Light painting with the Light Bar from Lume Tools.

Gone but not forgotten...

Light Painting Paradise (Spain)

One of the original light painting companies, originally known as Herramientas Light Painting.

Light Painting Paradise produced a flexible range of professional light painting tools including plexi rods, plexiglass shapes/blades, fiber optic brushes, colour filters, fiber optic cables, and of course the now legendary Light Painter - Ryu's Lightworks flashlight. Light Painting Paradise closed in April 2023. However, I don't think we've heard the last of Light Painting Paradise. Watch this space!

Light painting with Light Painting Paradise tools and flashlight.
Light painting with Light Painting Paradise tools and flashlight.


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